My best friend is wondering where is his way forward and how can he be the light to show others the way forward?

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My current role models

  1. Zake Zhang | Medium | Bilibili | Personal growth, Content creation
  2. Jack Yang | Podcast | Website | Career trajectory, Lifestyle, mentality
  3. Jennifer Tang | Communication, Collaboration & Design

My best friend doesn’t have a role model to look up to, what can he do?

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My best friend is initially super excited about being able to switch into tech. As he finally makes it, he begins to feel scared by how everything seems to fall into place, and began to feel like a “retirement” life - climbing the career ladder, starting a family, buying a home, raising kids….. He is worried.

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One of my 2021 new year resolution is to become a content creator. Since then, I created 6 videos so far. Starting from today. I’m starting active track my retrospections and process after I release every 5 videos.

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  1. My best friend in 2019, never done any interview before, does not know how to do a self introduction. Does not know what collaboration means. Does not know what interviewers want to hear. Does not know anything.
  2. My cousin’s kid this year is 19 years…

If you ever want to get into content creation but thinks your identity is still evolving, you still want to explore more, life has more possibilities, should you delay content creation? or is there a way to start? This is my advice and my rational for you:

Keep doing Kevin!!!

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What are the limitations of existing tools?

  1. Economic limitations: tools require paid subscription, high system and storage…

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How NGS works

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