How can I find my role model? This is my story(2021 version)

My best friend doesn’t have a role model to look up to, what can he do?

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Who were the different role models in my life?

  1. I have to think they are damn cool and wow I want to become just like him.
  2. I also have to think, this is something I can do, or I am interested in doing as well.
  1. I took IB diploma because the bars for english is lower than that of regular program and I have a definite chance of getting into top universities in Canada. I saved 1–2 years in my life if I had to go into a less renown school.
  2. While in my first year at UBC, I was finishing classes normally while preparing a portfolio through a portfolio class, to transition into McGill architecture, that happened smoothly. Also the transfer did not affect my progress in university, it was a very sweet and smooth transition. I saved 1–2 year of my life if I had to redo my first year and prepare for a portfolio.
  3. Even though I finished my architecture degree, but only through 3 ux internships that I got to transition into becoming a product designer in silicon valley making 6 figures. To an extent, I saved 2–3 years of my life, lots of money, and a master degree, if I transition from getting another degree.



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Zunshi Wang

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